Sunday, April 28, 2013

Assignment #4: Empathy

Empathy. Different from sympathy, empathy has a more significant deep meaning. Empathy is where you feel what others feel, or in a simpler term: you become the person. When you become the person, you will have an idea of what the person goes through on a daily or in a certain situation. Empathy is a very important characteristic for someone in the creative team of an ad agency to have because with empathy, we can reach our target audience better and precise. 

With empathy, your advertisements can exude certain emotions for the public or the viewer of the ad feels what you want to make them feel. The emotions can be either positive..or negative, depending on what product, issue and what you want them to feel in order for them to connect with your ad.

International Public Service Announcement
Title: Feed The Children

Starving,unhealthy,skinny,poor child.

The concept is more 'next time you waste food, think'. The picture of the child that really skinny, dry, no clothes give more impact toward this poster to give peoples more realize how waste when people is wasting their food while there is a one who really need its.

Sad, needy,hopeless, negative

To give more impact to society that there is more people out there who need food while we are wasting our food oftentimes. Besides that to give people be more responsible to people out there who need our help while we are enjoying our food there are thousand people out there starving to death.

Local Public Service Announcement
Title: Dont talk while he drive

blood, phone, death, driving.

The concept is more to the spread of blood came out from phone to illustrate the 'He' is had an in accident because of on call while driving.

Be responsible, patient, negative, death,

To give people out there how dangerous of the on call while driving, because so many cases of accident one oft he reason is people often to on call while driving and after lead to accident that can lead to death

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Assigment #3


Idea of this tv commercial is about originality of teh tarik. Meanwhile the concept is the true way of making teh tarik which is must have f&n product to have original teh tarik in Malaysia. The using of mamak actor is to support and justified  teh tarik is famous among mamak in Malaysia. The significant of this video looking up with culture and environment made this video execute very well.

Idea of this tv commercial is High Definition and the concept of this video "you in HD" .The product is famously among sports people because it is an action camera that promise quality of video recording in high definition.Its compile the precious moment in variety of sport that encourage people to buy this product and play with their recording device which is small and easy to mount at any unique perspective that can give the different view other any recorder device.

Assigment #2

My idol Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud.Background story of him is that was one of the first whom to convert to Islam after Prophet Muhammad started preaching in Mecca. He remained one of the closest companions of Muhammad during his lifetime.
Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud is a knowlegdeable person.The nickname that have been given is "gedung ilmu umat islam" , stand for library of islamic nation.Beside that,the way he read Quran with soft voice can make Prophet Muhammad cried.Thus with the courage that he and other khulafa fight for islam makes me feel that he should be the right person for my idol.

Assigment #1

Business without advertising is more like winking at a girl in a dark.The term that how the advertiser implement all those things without the consumer notice that they are not been attract to buy a certain product. Advertising also known as a communication between company and the consumer.If business without advertising might be cause of lack of communication between consumer and the company.